McBain Rambler Family,

The start of the school year is just a few weeks away and all school offices open back up on Monday, August 3rd. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the requirements for schools to reopen have changed. I have communicated in the past about the Governor’s MI Safe Schools Roadmap, but I wanted to be sure you had the link to the document at This document requires and recommends measures that schools have to ensure in order to open. It should be noted that our school district is designated as a “phase 4” school district. You are likely aware that most of our district is in “phase 5” of the MI Safe Start Plan. But, due to Osceola County being in “phase 4”, we are required to designate our district to the lowest phase.

Therefore, we will be offering the following educational programs for our K-12 students for the start of the 2020-21 school year:

Traditional/In school program
*Grades K-5 students are not required to wear protective masks in the classroom (but are required to where a mask on the bus and while in hallways)
*Grades 6-12 students are required to wear protective masks at all times, except when eating
*Staff wear protective masks at all times, except when eating
*Regular school calendar and hours will be followed

On-line program
*All on-line education will be scheduled and organized through McBain School District
*On-line education will take place off of school district grounds
* Self-paced

The above information is the most current information we have as we prepare for the school year. There are still pending questions that we are waiting for from the State, but we can no longer wait to get information out. All of the above will be considered by the Board of Education before I send out a more formal notice.

The aforementioned may not be welcomed by all, but it is what we are mandated to do by the State. In order to help us make the best possible educational decisions for our students, please complete the following short survey.

Please click here to complete the survey!

We appreciate your support and cooperation.

Yours in Education,

Stephen R. Prissel, Ph.D.
McBain Rural Agricultural School District